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North Shore School Zones & Decile Ratings


school photo

The North Shore has some of the most highly regarded schools in Auckland.


Many schools on the Shore have no zoning, and can be applied for from any area.


Others have set zones (where you can enrol your child "as of right"* if you live within the zoning area.)


Below are links for some of the currently zoned North Shore schools, to their zoning or enrolment information.



To search in-zone schools for a specific property address, go to Ministry of Education school zone site: http://nzschools.tki.org.nz/  


A full list of North Shore schools can be found at: http://www.school.nz/area/north-shore-city


Click herefor a list of 2015 North Shore school decile ratings


  • *NB: We have found zoning information from some third-party information websites can differ from the school's own. We recommend you always contact the school you are interested in directly to confirm.

This information is supplied in good faith and is subject to change without notice.  This website or its owner or administrator will not be liable for any errors or ommissions contained therein, and we advise any person to do their own research to their own satisfaction on any matters of interest.




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